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Low Country Boil - for One - CLAWS on TNT FAN!

So the hubby and I are hooked on this series called 'CLAWS' on TNT Sunday Eves.  

He being from Florida and me having fallen in love with Florida (Lauderdale towards the South that is..)  I like to make foods to snack on during the show that remind me of our treks to the S.East.    Hence my hubby even being from Florida does not eat anything that can swim.  wah wah wahhhh He had his famous chili and I wanted a shrimp boil.  
Easy for one. Creole seasoning, or Cajun seasoning.  About 3 spoonfuls.Shrimp local fresh if you can get and an idea of how many you can eat.Potato's white creamers or whatever is available to you, how many you think you can eat.Couple ears of corn.Smoked sausage, andoulle, kielbasa... whatever you have access to and again slice up how much you think you will eat.  ButterSouthern Lousiana Hot Sauce Super easy.
Boil water in a pan to fit all your ingredients.  Just average how many you are feeding if more than one.  Add your crab boil, creole or Cajun s…

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