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Caribbean Glazed Ribs and Chicken Wings

My pantry is full of different spices from different regions of the world, for specific dishes.  Every time we visit the mother in law in Florida I stock up on those items you just can't find in California.  And always over do it!  Same with many things find on sale at the store, or something want for a specific recipe THAT DAY then it sits.   With these baby back ribs and wings we had on sale at work, offed the remainder of a few sauces and utilized and some of my oxtail seasoning making a bit of room in the fridge!  
The baby backs were $3.99 per pound and took a rack which if you buy that at a restaurant in a meal, it is about $16.99 for just 4 or a half rack so I'm making equivalent of about $33.00 of rib dinner out for $8.00.  
Half of the bottle of barbecue sauce and threw in the remainder of the Pepper Plant sauce which has chunks of garlic.  Also the remainder of my bottle of scotch bonnet hot sauce by Iberia Foods which is a chili pepper native to Haiti, Jamaica and…

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