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Super Easy Delicious Appetizer, Ricotta Toasts and Caprese Skewers

Our buyer at work brought in a brand of Bufala Ricotta and Bufala Mozzarella that our cheese manager claimed was not selling.  Of course I am expected to make things disappear and a fat profit left in place.ha.   Anyway thought I would do ricotta toasts for the ricotta and caprese skewers with the mozzarella which really turned out to be almost burrata like.  Anyway utilized some Bruschettini toasts that turned out to be amazing.

They are light, crispy and stood up to the creamy ricotta keeping crisp even after a half hour.  I was asked more of what were the toasts used than the ricotta.  Sold more Aturi Brushettini toasts and honey than did the ricotta but they definitely helped move the ricotta:)

The little creation was so well liked and EASY!!

RICOTTA TOASTSAsturi Bruschettini Toasts if you can find them.  If not whatever you can other type bruschettini toasts, sourdough rounds crisped..... Ricotta Cheese.   Bufala Milk Ricotta if you can find it as it is exceptionally creamy and…

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