Date Almond Milk

This is a recipe by one of my favorite blogger's Amanda of  It contains three things I love.  Almonds, dates and milk.  Per Amanda this is a common drink in Morocco as all the ingredients have symbolic meanings to Moroccans.  Dates are very symbolic in the Muslim culture and always used to break fasts during the Ramadan month. 

Either way, packed with protein, cheers to our health.  I could probably sneak some of my super food de alkalizing powders into this concoction in the mornings. 

  • 2 cups of milk or nut milk.  I went with a unsweetened cashew/almond blend of milk.
  • 8 large dates pitted.
  • 12 raw almonds. 
Blend all the ingredients for a few minutes until completely chopped, pureed and enjoy. 


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