Inexpensive Kitty Condos

If you have fur baby's of the feline world, you know they luvvvvv boxes. 

It never matters what cool kitty bed I buy them or climbing scratcher thing, they luvvv those boxes!
It's where my kitties love to nap and sleep in while sunbathing.  

So aside from just throwing one on the table, the ones in my office I usually put cute old blankets, stuffed animals, toys and whatever else I can find.  They will find a way to cuddle.

When a customer came and asked me for some chip boxes for his cat, OMG SNAP!  Why did I not think of that!  Today's boxes in which arrive to your local grocery store are not the old fashioned design anymore.  They are perforated to act as a display.  In Cali think Casa Sanchez chips and Pretzel Crisps are in every grocery store around!  Ask your grocer if they have any extra boxes in the back or if you can get one from the display that is almost empty!  
I brought some home and made a little towering sleeper.  Actually if you have one or more cats, you can put them side by side, cut holes so they can go from box to box if they want to snuggle, or if they just want to be alone!  Either way, it's an inexpensive way to add some 'safe alone' space for your kitty to contemplate world domination:) 


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