ICC WORLD CUP 2015 IS HERE!! A day away from starting that is:)

Valentines day has a competitor this year and that would be the opening day of the ICC WORLD CUP in shared hosts New Zealand and Australia for 2015.  This beloved event only happens every four years.  Has fans across the world up at all hours to watch their home 'country' teams play for the playoffs and finale world cup championship!  All Australian/New Zealand times for the games, you have fans around the world staying up to go into the office bleary eyed to maybe half sleep.  It is that of the passion of the fans of their home countries to feel the glory of a win towards the championship or a loss.  Especially here in the Bay Area.  Back in 2003 was the year my boss had me finding him places in the Bay Area to catch the finale against Australia.  I was a sports fan of football but learned this sport quik and became a fan even though in those days the packages off DISHNetwork were expensive and was hard to find a place to watch unless you knew someone.  Nowadays with the hard work of many in the international media field, we can order this package at a sane rate off of DISH, ESPN or your local MSO to your cable provider. 

Should you decide to go to where maybe your local cultural place or pub might be airing the games or you have subscribed to the event, there are parties.  The team I support is India as most of the folks worked with over the years and brought me into this sport.  I host a few parties at my home.  Depending on the play that eve, the time aired I definitely try to bring in some eats to represent my attendees and who they are supporting.  I'm good this year as India will be playing Pakistan on the 15th, and South Africa on the 22nd.  UAE on the 28th hence all my menu options will be awesome to all friends coming to support either team. 

One dish you can never go wrong with is Biryani.  Whether one of a million concoctions out of India, Pakistan, Ubekistan, UAE.. there is always a similar rice dish in any culture.    Meat or Veg.. know your guests.  So many recipes on the internet but if lucky like me, you can just go pick it up from places like Peacock or Himalaya.   However if have your own recipe.. awesome.  If a newbie here is a little directive but go at your own directive. 

Either way... Go with your heart with your World Cup Parties.  Happy Hosting, Happy Eating and GOOO INDIA!


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