Haitian Epis (Spice)

I got a super curiosity for Haitian food during my first visit to Florida.  On the day we eloped in the Keys, and a tour of Hemmingway's home; we were off to Mo's Caribbean for lunch.  It was my first try of Haitian food and beer.  Then I noticed some French tourists coming in and the owner being able to communicate with them.  Needless to say the Haitian demographic is not large in California but I have been reading up on the history of Haiti and learning what the food is all about.  Here is my stab at Haitian Epis (Spice).  A condiment, base or sofrito like combination of spices that is used as the base in many Haitian dishes.

I assume there are many variations of this recipes.  Next time I will probably add tomato or carrots to overcome some of the earthiness of it but it did come out pretty good.
  1. One bunch of cilantro.
  2. 1/2 of one bunch of parsley.
  3. One garlic bulb.  Yes every clove in the bulb of garlic.
  4. One bunch of thyme. 
  5. One celery stalk.
  6. One jar of roasted pimiento peppers.  I really like these so I put in a 16oz jar.
  7. One small onion.
  8. One red bell pepper.
  9. One Habanero.  Scotch Bonnet Peppers are not easily found in Northern California but Habanero's are.
Blend in batches if do not have a high powered food processer.

Blend down and add some salt. 

I suppose you can go out and purchase mason jars but I happen to have a recycled collection of other food products have purchased that work well.  I have read it stores well up to two months in the refrigerator or a suggestion is to make cubes in a ice cube tray to just pull out when needed.


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