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West Coast Fried Shrimp

So when my husbands travels, he always brings me something usually in the form of something to work with in the kitchen.  Bring me a t-shirt from Florida, not having it.  Send me a box of goodies can't find here like all those Caribbean spices and cans of Callaloo from Jamaica... meeez a happy wifey for lifey! On a trek to Seattle he brought me a spice rub from the 'Pike Place Fish Market'.  If you ever visit Seattle you have to visit the Pike Place Market, or it's just not a visit to Seattle!  And probably a Grunge Tour if when you think of Chris Cornell, you think of Temple of the Dog and not a James Bond movie.  So my pantry has a lot of spice rubs/mixes from various states that I need to start using.  Pike Place Fish Rub is a mix of brown sugar, paprika, cilantro, garlic, pepper, onion, salt and other spices.  Decided to try this baby out on some Gulf of Mexico beauties.  
Recipe is super simple.  One of those Southern techniques meets West Coast Local!! One pound …

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