Roasted Curry Leaf, Cashews with Bhujia, Indian Snack Mix

Back in my 'Asian Media' days, I discovered 'Indian Snacks'. Which was how was presented to me. These various mix of 'snacks' would be at parties, holiday events and once met with some Desi promoters and lo and behold.  A lil Johnnie, you know the scotch with the black jacket and 'snacks'!  Once my friends husband over snacks and a Johnny neat,  mentioned Indian emotion as we were snacking and sipping our scotch whilst listening to a gazal singer.  Which why today I always consider Johnny Walker Black 'Indian emotion'.  Johnny Walker Blue for the wedding, Johnny Gold or Swing for the big Deal Close!  haha  Regardless always found was fond of the toasted nuts and lots of toasted curry leaves in a 'snack' that seemed to appear at all the parties, meetings and even an afternoon tea.  But my go to fave are those curry leaves with nuts and a little add.

From an Indian store if you live in a area where there is one, which these days is probably just a Google or Yelp away...
  • 1 pound of raw cashews
  • Bag of fresh curry leaves.  Pull from the stems. 

  •  Small bag of Bhujia, Haldiram's brand is excellent if you can find it at your local Indian grocery store.  If not familiar it is a sev made of chickpea flower and a dried bean.  It is incorporated with spices and a delicious bite.  Not only used in 'snack mix', heard of folks having it on toast with butter in the morning.  
  • Butter, 2-3 tablespoons

Instructions- Super Simple

  • Line a flat sheet pan with foil and place butter into a 350 degree oven until starting to melt. 
  • Add raw cashews and toss in curry leaves removed from their stems.  As many or little as you like.  I happen to love them so I usually add all I get from the Indian grocery store which in Cali is about 99 cents a sandwich bag full.  
  • Toss the raw cashews and curry leaves on the flat sheet pan and toss with the butter.   Make sure they do not burn depending on where you live in the world and the curry leaves will toast up alongside.  Make sure to shake the pan every few minutes to make sure they toast evenly and do not burn.  I normally do not do more than 10 minutes but just check and go with your instinct.
  • When pull from oven sprinkle with salt and toss with the Bhujia.   Store any extra in an airtight container for up to a week.  
It's a great snack for movie nights, parties or that after work cocktail whilst getting dinner done!  Remember life is too short to eat badly!



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