Caribbean Glazed Ribs and Chicken Wings

 My pantry is full of different spices from different regions of the world, for specific dishes.  Every time we visit the mother in law in Florida I stock up on those items you just can't find in California.  And always over do it!  Same with many things find on sale at the store, or something want for a specific recipe THAT DAY then it sits.  
With these baby back ribs and wings we had on sale at work, offed the remainder of a few sauces and utilized and some of my oxtail seasoning making a bit of room in the fridge!  

The baby backs were $3.99 per pound and took a rack which if you buy that at a restaurant in a meal, it is about $16.99 for just 4 or a half rack so I'm making equivalent of about $33.00 of rib dinner out for $8.00.  

Half of the bottle of barbecue sauce and threw in the remainder of the Pepper Plant sauce which has chunks of garlic.  Also the remainder of my bottle of scotch bonnet hot sauce by Iberia Foods which is a chili pepper native to Haiti, Jamaica and not sure where else.  There is no measurement specific as just throwing it all in.  Blend and makes about 2 cups of glaze sauce.  

I sprinkled the ribs with this Caribbean brand Oxtail Seasoning on both sides and put in the oven on 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

If have fresh garlic throw in the oven about 4 cloves with some olive oil or whatever you have and salt in a tight foil package to roast.  We are going to use this for our cool off sauce. Let that roast for about an hour and pull, set aside.

After 30 minutes pull, glaze with sauce and flip, glaze and put in oven for another 30 minutes.

While that is going on clean and cut down your chicken wings.  I got 2 lbs at 2.99 a lbs.  This would cost a lot more from one of those wing restaurants or the supermarket.  Wash and pat dry with a paper towel.  Another product overbought on in Florida and when got it back to California, voila Goya is making a presence in the markets here.  Oh well... I seasoned both sides of my wings with this Goya sazon Tomato seasoning which has enough flavor and sodium to not need to add salt.  Used about 3 packets.
I put them in the oven when pulled out my ribs, re glazed and flipped for a 3rd time for another 30 minutes. 

I then mixed up the glaze for the wings utilizing another hot sauce bought in Florida by Fire Fruits.  It is a coconut habanero blend.  I threw the whole bottle in the blender with a large spoonful of apricot jam and the other half of the bottle of basic barbecue sauce and blended.  Now with this sauce divide in half as use half while cooking the wings and the rest to glaze after fully cooked.

After the 3rd set of 30 minutes on the ribs and the first 30 on the wings pull the ribs from the oven and let set.  Glaze your wings, with the sauce and flip and let cook in the over for another 15 minutes to finish them off.

I then got my platter and sliced the ribs, awesome tender!  Glazed more to cover each rib and set.  After the final 15 minutes on the wings pulled and let set.  These you probably don't need to add more glaze but if need more you have the half that was not used while the poultry was cooking from raw to done.  

I then mixed up the cooling sauce which is a tub of Greek yogurt, about 16oz tub.  I had some sumac which is a dried mid eastern spice with a lemon flavor I utilized and blended with the 4 cloves of garlic roasted in the oven.  

By no means do you need to have all these items but it gives you an idea on how to cook down meat as well make glazes for it that fits your taste.  


To order Caribbean hot sauces and many more items for your Caribbean dishes, Sam's deliver's!!!  


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