Brown Sugar Kitchen - Oakland California

My husband and I like to get out of the bustling South Bay and had opportunity to do so over the weekend.  I had bookmarked many places in Oakland want to visit on day but we only had one day.  Brown Sugar Kitchen was on a 'Eater' list.  After doing a yelp search, it definitely was on fire only a tad above 'Souley Vegan'.   Brown Sugar Kitchen is located in West Oakland, described to me as a 'sleepy town'.  Many art showing's, and a sign near the parking also boasted maybe a few 'thieves'.  "Do Not Feed The Thieves, Make Sure Your Car Is Locked."  ummmm doubt that one is keeping anyone away from this 'on fire' remotely located restaurant.
It's not far off #44 Exit off of 880 where you will pass some pretty amazing murals, and others you can gawk at while waiting for a table once you arrive.

And on a weekend, there will be a wait!  Sunday's only open until 3pm as found that's the norm with many business's.  But an hour wait give's you time to peruse the menu, have a brunchy drink or coffee outside on the bench's.  
It's an interesting spot, bustling inside.  Of course during my hour wait not wanting a drink, I did some research on the ole smart phone:)  Brown Sugar Kitchen is all Tanya Holland, trained professionally in France .  Bringing it home to Oakland.  Now if she is from Oakland I have no idea but besides the point.  But her notoriety seems to be poppin' with Food Network stars, morning shows, and much more.  It's also noteworthy another business giving back to the community. 
Alright let's do this.  I went with the gumbo and a side of cheddar grits.

The hubby had the pulled pork with spicy slaw and a side of mac and cheese.
Our neighbors whom were visiting from Denver had the fried buttermilk chicken and corn meal waffles.  And the catfish po boy which they both stated were amazing!  
Cheddar grits I could have eaten another two bowls and the hubby enjoyed his meal.  The ambiance is lively.  Just part of the growing organic Oakland vibe that gives back to the community.  
Will definitely be back to try more dishes and the beignets!!!  I don't know how we missed a sweet on the way out but not making that mistake twice!
Remember, Life is Too Short To Eat Badly!


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