Tony's Pizza Napoletana - San Francisco, CA

The hubby and I rarely get up to the city even though we are right down the peninsula.  Sighhhh but let's face it, finding parking is a major pain!  However some days I've got some patience.  

So there is a area of the city where Chinatown meets Little Italy meets all the strip clubs.  Hilarious!  You can snack on a egg roll walking to your restaurant, and after get a lap dance and a nudge by a hooker on your way to your car all in the capacity of a few blocks of each other.  I had book marked Tony's maybe 3 years ago when my cousin came to visit.  But now we were going to check it out.  

There will be a line so have patience or saddle up to the bar if you can find a spot.  My husband and I are pros at nailing seats at the bar.  Greatest tag team ever!
However we are in the city. To our right a young man who stated he flew in from Michigan to go 'camping'.  To our right, 3 Russian's who were inhaling the shaved pec, prosciutto arugula concoction.   "Good huh!?" (nods of happiness) Us being newbies we went with a basic pie of cheese, some sausage.  I mean we should have went for it with the crowds but let me tell ya, I am not a pizza fan whatsoever.  I wanted to take my hubby somewhere he would enjoy HOWEVER FIRST TIME EVER IN LIFE my husband and I had to spit the last piece of pizza!   The staff were equally as awesome as the product! 
Let me tell ya I love only one pizza in the South Bay and you can't even compare it to this as it's a Indian pizza.  Amit's Masala from Mission Pizza, I drive to Fremont for!  A Indian masala spiced tomato paste loaded with veggies!  NOW we will definitely be coming up to the city braving parking and party girls!  haha  Bay Area Folks, if you have not been to Tony's you need to at least once.  Their pizza is amazing and look forward to trying EVERYTHING for the rest of my life!  haha
Remember Lift Is Too Short To Eat Badly!


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