Federation Brewing - Oakland California

 I suppose my opening picture should be of a glass of beer, but I forgot to take one;)
The hubby and I wandering the area around Jack London Square, ventured off to check out some more business's in the area.  Heinold's bar is still there and I need to get that book 'Sea Wolf' soon.  Sunday boast's a farmer's market of sorts.  We arrived a tad late so was able to grab a couple of things as vendors were packing up.  Souley Vegan was closed, turned around and there was a curb board sign with an arrow pointing towards the warehouse district "Federation Brewing Tasting Open".  I would have never have known so we headed over.  

Federation Brewing has been in operation for a few years supplying local restaurants, pubs, bars to somewhat recently opening a tasting room.  Very local, very organic in the feel as well socially conscious.

That was what was one of the two jewels in their crown is giving back to the local community!  I believe the tasting room is open Wednesday through Sunday.  You are given a menu of what they have as well the board.  It was fun doing a few fun tastings but all the brews are very unique and good.  My fave's were the Ceremony and believe it was called the 'Crime'.  Hence I'll be back to try more!

Sundays, entertainment from 4pm-7pm.  And they do have some bar snacks for sale but not opposed to you grabbing some Chinese from the neighboring business or whatever and bringing it in.  
Just super impressed at what's going on in the Oakland scene, the restaurants, the pubs, markets and definitely the Jazz is still a part of the soul of it!  A growing organic vibe of non corporate offerings.  Take advantage of the community share, feel, business's supporting that as this is their time.  I hope the techie's don't kill it!!


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