Ackee'rizo Vegan Breakfast Burrito

I have a little nibbler brunch with friends once a month.  It is real basic.  Huge fruit salad, breakfast finger foods and of course a good sangria or margarita.  And now I have two adamantly strict vegans in the club.  Thank goodness all the ladies are keen to new things!
Hence my ackee'rizo vegan breakfast burritos!  What are ackee's you ask?  
Ackee's are the 'national fruit of Jamaica'.  Eaten raw they can be deadly hence when processed are perfectly safe and healthy to eat.  Most often used in a Jamaican dish where the ackee's are sauteed up with salt fish.  I discovered them in my treks to Caribbean restaurants in Florida which save me from those diners my mother in law loves!
They come in a salt water in the can.  Just drain them, do not rinse them, only drain.  They have almost scrambled egg look and a cross between a scrambled egg and custard like texture.  I can eat them just like that but wanted to see if would work with my vegan Soyrizo burritos planned to make. 

  1. One 15oz can of Ackees.  If not on the East Coast or Toronto side of Canada, you can order them online from Sam's Caribbean store which carries all Caribbean products.
  2. One can of black beans drained, or pinto.  Your choice.
  3. One large onion chopped.
  4. One package of 'Soyrizo'.
  5. 4 Large potatoes cut into medium sized chunks.  
  6. 1 teaspoon of garlic salt.
  7. 4 or more or NONE roasted peeled jalapenos chopped.  If you like spice, if you don't don't add it.  Make it your own.  
  8. Package of 8-10 regular sized tortillas, flour, wheat, rosemary... whatever you like.

  • In large frying pan put about a 1/3 cup of water and get it boiling.  Add potatoes and let it steam off then add some oil, whatever you have and continue frying.  
  • When the potatoes are getting tender add the onions, jalapeno and garlic salt.  Get that going then open up the 'Soyrizo' and get into the pan.  Add the black beans and incorporate.  
  • Last but not least add the ackee's and incorporate.
  • Spoon in your slightly heated tortillas and serve.  

These turned out good but since the first run next time will add spanish rice because did not take into consideration that am not adding eggs but another soft like ingredient.  Either way they were great but as with any recipe, take the idea, and make it your own.  
Check out Sam's Caribbean online and get to ordering some Ackee to experiment with in your vegan dishes.  They are NOT inexpensive like a can of beans but so worth it.  Try them, if like them you can order more but next time, just click the wholesale button under the brand of ackee ordering.  Sam's has lower pricing when you buy 1/2 and whole cases of them.  
Remember Life Is Too Short To Eat Badly!


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