Espira Chocolate Protein Powder Shake

This year AVON has launched a line of protein powder's, only chocolate and vanilla flavors for now.  Vitamin's and all natural supplements.  These are the product's I don't like rooting through at Sprouts or Whole Food's as the options are overwhelming.  I trust AVON as they usually put millions of dollars in research before launching a product.  I like the chocolate more than the vanilla or sometimes mix the two.  It is a easy fast blend or shaker mix in the morning and keeps you full until lunch time.  

My default recipe is frozen berries and bananas.  If you have berries about to turn, throw them in the freezer.  

A typical recipe calls for about 8 ounces of liquid to a scoop of powder.  I advise make it your own.  As a kid you knew how much chocolate powder you wanted with your milk, apply the same theory here.  My fave recipe for the morns.
  1. Always a nut milk for that added boost of calcium.  Like said what amount you think you want for your morning shake, and a scoop of ESPIRA Protein Powder.
  1. Blender
  2. Add frozen berries, bananas and add the nut milk, milk, water.... whatever you decide to go with.  Throw in the protein powder and blend.  
It is a filling morning breakfast, healthy and keeps you going until lunch.  If you want to try ESPIRA Protein Powders, please become a customer and click here!

Remember Treat Yourself Well.  You Only Have One You!


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