Roasted Cashew - Peanut and Curry Leaf Snack

This is a favorite snack I like to put out at parties.  The definition of snacks in India is a whole different world than the American type snacks.  One of my good friends from Bombay (Yes he say's it is still Bombay, not Mumbai:) used to love a salty snack or Indian snacks such as a Madras Mix alongside his glass of "Indian Emotion"  aka Johnny Walker Black:)  I found this recipe in a publication years ago.  It is a snack served in the "Social Club" at a prestigious hotel in South India.  I have looked and looked for the article but cannot find it.  But I've been serving this snack up for over ten years.
Ingredients needed are:
  1. Fresh curry leaves.  I usually find them at a local Indian Grocery.  They are sold in small bags near the produce.
  2. Cashews raw. Or peanuts.  As many as you want to purchase.  I used peanuts in the pictures as had a bunch of them around and some fresh curry leaves.
  3. Ghee, you can find at Indian Grocery or butter works also. 
  • Pre heat oven to 40.
  • Get out whatever large sheet pan or roasting pan you wish to use. Spoon some ghee or butter into it.  Just enough to coat whatever the amount of cashews you are making.  
  • Put your cashews on the sheet pan in a layer and sprinkle with the curry leaves.  I love the way the leaves taste when crisped with the nuts so I put a lot.  It is your preference.
  • Put in the oven and start to roast.  These do not take long and monitor them as you will have to shake them around to get them coated and roasted on all sides.  I would say tops 15-20 minutes but you will smell them coming along as well see their progress as you shake the sheet pan to toss them.
The smell is heavenly with the roasted curry leaves and nuts after they are toasted.  The leaves crisp up and have an awesome flavor that compliments the nuts.  Pour in a bowl and watch them disappear!


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