QUICK and or EASY Madras Curry Chicken

These days are busy and some days I just don't want to deal with a lot of dishes.  I just want to 'get there' quick and or easy to a decent meal.  Now I can throw down in the kitchen over a traditional Indian meal but eh, some days short cuts are a blessing.

Depending on where you live, there is a company I believe originated in the UK called PATAKS.  If you do not have Indian grocery in your town, many big box and Supermarket chains in America carry their products.  Mostly their pastes.  These gems in a jar are a life saver of time.  If you like Indian food you can tweak your recipe with the spice to your liking or if you just want to go mild, add slowly.  But I've used these pastes for years in many dishes.  They even have a page on YouTube if need some ideas or tutorial on using them.  For my quickie Madras Curry Chicken, I am using the Madras paste.

MADRAS is an area of S.India.  Their foods involve a lot of mustard seed and curry leaves compared to other parts of India.  Believe me if I had some fresh curry leaves to toss into my quickie curry, they would have been there.

Quickie easy Madras Curry Chicken

  • Two chicken breasts, or chicken thighs, whatever chicken you want to use.  Even chicken on the bone but I utilized a pack of organic chicken breast from COSTCO.  Usually that is two breasts per package.
  • PATAK's Madras Curry Paste
  • One medium sized onion.
  • Two 14oz'ish cans of chopped tomatoes.  I used one fire roasted with garlic and one with habanero as like my food spicy. 
  • Oil to saute your onion and spices.  

The meat.  I normally like to just bake the breasts for about 35 minutes on 350 degrees.  Then pull and slice up.  They will finish cooking in your curry.  I would do that with any boneless chicken or bone in chicken for this dish.  But you can saute your meat in the pan.  If you do that, do it first then add your onion and spices to saute.

Chop your onion and saute until a tad glossy.  Then add your curry paste.  If you want it border spiced I would say one heaping spoonful.  I put about 4 heaping tablespoons as I like spice.  If you are not sure start with minimal paste and add in to your comfort level.   Saute the paste to wake up the spices a bit.  They traveled a long way so bring them to life.

Put in your two cans of chopped tomatoes.  Like said use whatever kind you want.  Plain, plain with roasted garlic, roasted with garlic, roasted with chilis.  It's up to you.  Bring to a simmer.

Once your chicken has had it's 30 minutes in the oven, pull out, chop/slice if you have boneless chicken.  Or if on the bone just throw into your pot of curry in the size pieces you want.  Let simmer for 15-20 minutes more to finish cooking and meld with your curry.  

Now I would normally do a Indian Peas Pulao (rice) but was just lazy today.  I just used the old white rice cooker for some white rice.  If you like Cilantro which is also Coriander, throw some on top to garnish but I was too lazy to go buy some in this rainy weather.  

So there you have a quick, easy, shopping in my kitchen, don't want to go to the store today good ole Indian curry:)  Not what would serve to Shah Rukh Khan if he ever visited but the flavors are on point and thank you Patak's for your pastes to make those busy days and nights easy!!


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