New India Bazaar - 'OG' of Indian Grocery in Santa Clara

When American restaurants and fast food restaurants still were the majority from Sunnyvale down to San Jose on El Camino, there was 'New India Bazaar'.  Over ten years later, El Camino completely dominated by Korean, Pakistani and Indian strip malls, restaurants, Indian, Halal and Korean Grocery Stores; there is still "New India Bazaar".  Same location, same nil parking but oh how we have evolved.

I would strongly make a guess that late1990's, early 2000 'New India Bazaar' was one if the only large Indian Grocery in the S.Peninsula/Santa Clara area.  Yes there were smaller stores around the area catering to their demographic but 'NIB' was the go to for bulk spices and produce.  Eventually the S.Bay being the epicenter for S.Indian Engineer's coming to the Bay Area on projects, surely justified a revamp of 'NIB'.  Other stores opened nearby and closed soon after.  Some opened and have remained strong in the market as well.  But 'New India Bazaar' is like that ole' Uncle you have to keep going back to.  The parking is a challenge.  The house is old but the smell is lovely, the sounds are from 'home' offerings are welcoming.  Alongside a strong mix of product you should find in a Indian Grocery, great produce and selection of fresh and frozen items.  They also started a -to go- kitchen of sorts.  Many home made food items you can purchase and take home to have with that fresh pot of rice or roti.  The fried snacks are made there, not from a outside vendor.  From veg puffs, samosa, and a fried bread veg sandwich with delicious chutneys that are spiced perfectly as should be.  A deep fried sandwich is not so good for the arteries but you just have to get in a three mile walk after:)


Pricing is good and well, maybe one day they will get some parking.  And folks this is the Indian grocery to purchase frozen Indian product with a much larger variety than mainstream grocery stores.  There is plenty of parking in the strip mall prior if you are coming from the South.  Just walk over.


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