'Soyrizo' The Meatless Chorizo

I think one of the greatest inventions to the vegetarian/vegan or if you just like tofu, world is the diverse options in the market of soy based product.  'Soyrizo' is definitely one of the gems among the group.  A soy based almost sausage like package of soy crumbles with a very almost like grandma's spices of a traditional chorizo.  The company that brings the masses this great option has a shelf full of other product that is sure to please. 

I made breakfast burritos for my carnivorous cousins when I was in Colorado.  It's a great option for those who need to eat healthier and a brilliant option for your Vegan/Vegetarian guests. 

For breakfast burritos, a base recipe is to:
  • Fry small cubed potatoes until desired tenderness.
  • Add finely chopped onion.
  • Drain a can of black beans or pinto.  Whatever you like. 
  • Add along with the 'Soyrizo' to the pan and heat through. 
I added scrambled eggs for my cousins as they are not Vegan or Veg.  Hence you can definitely leave that out.  Some people like cheese and for the Vegan's, Daiya shreds are very tasty. 
It's all up to your preference as a versatile ingredient. 


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