Ribs "Prime" Ribs, literally the ribs of the prime cuts of beef.

 If you can find these baby's from a local butcher.  These are the 'ribs' from the prime cuts of beef I got on sale at a local grocery store with a awesome butcher department.  On sale too!

Brings these babies home and season with whatever seasoning you desire.  Have on hand whatever sauce you desire whether a bottle, homemade, marmalade and a tad spice if you wish.  

Pre heat your oven to 350.
Put your seasoned prime ribs in to bake for 35 minutes uncovered of course. 

After 35 pull out and sauce.  Both sides of the rack liberally and go another low and slow 30 minutes on each side.  

I just utilized good old salt, pepper, a tad garlic and onion powder.  When sauced utilized sweet baby Ray's.  He's always on sale and it was a budget night as got a whole rack of prime ribs at almost $11 dollars.  

35 minutes once seasoned.
30 minutes once sauced on the bottom side.
Another 30th when sauced on top of the rack and maybe 5 or so on broil on top of that!  

Easy awesome 'prime' ribs done in the oven!  

So delicious and tenderly broke down! 
Remember life is too short to eat badly!


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