Cool Mint Melon & Cucumber Salad, for those Scorching Days

 A whip up due to a recipe email by Epicurious.  But kind of just went with what I had.  Was perfect for another day of unusual hot temperatures in N.Cali!  

Hit up your local market, farmer's market and ask the produce guy what's poppin' in the melons.  Hopefully he recommends something on it's way as we are early into summer and the super perfect ones should be coming around in a month/  
  • One melon.  Seeded and cubed.
  • Two serranos. I like spice but omit or lessen if you don't.  De seed and slice thinly into halve moons.  
  • One English cucumber, peel or not.. up to you and slice.
  • Fresh Mint.  Your store will deem what is available to you.  I bought fresh and cleaned, picked how much I wanted.  
  • Olive oil.  1/2 cup.
  • Champagne, white wine or any type of clear vinegar could probably do.  1/4 cup.
  • Kosher salt. 1/2 tablespoon and add to your taste.
  • Epicurious called for ground coriander and Sumac.  I had ground coriander and Za'ataar which entails Sumac.  
  • Call me crazy but I also like would many vinaigrette's added some Dijon mustard.  Could not help myself.  Totally up to you but it emulsifies the vinaigrette and adds just a tad of binding all the flavors together.  
  1. Mix your produce in the bowl.  
  2. Mix your herbs, spices, oil and vinegar in another.  
Toss and serve with however much vinaigrette you choose to add to your summer salad or leave on the side for guests to do themselves.
Happy Summer and Beat the Heat!


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