Mexican Chicken Salad

One of those dishes never knew existed until worked on a project with a small company that employs many from Mexico.  Truly amazed at the taste but it is shredded chicken, a bag of frozen peas and carrots, I added some onion and small diced tender potatoes, salt, pepper.  Mayonnaise.  Traditionally pickled carrots and jalapenos/serranos chopped would be added but did not want the spicy pickled product to mess with the mayo so prefer to have it on the side but my new fave way to have chicken salad.  Traditionally chicken breasts bone in are boiled and shredded but I'm all for a decent rotisserie chicken to shred up!  Use your common sense on amounts of chicken to the other ingredients depending on how much you plan to make.  

Remember Life is Too Short To Eat Badly!!


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