Thanksgiving Inspired Hoagie

Ok it's July 4th and I'm beat!  I work in the food retail business in Northern Cali at one of the not so Nationwide chain stores.  But a local born and grown well dynasty of over a handful of stores of sheer excellence in offerings and quality.  And working a Holiday is no big deal to me as the extra money is welcome and my firework ooh and ahh days are long gone when you have domestic pets and fireworks drive them crazy!

In the past two days I have dished up more potato salad than can believe.  Carved more meat and cut down more ribs to go than have eaten personally in life.  We carry 5 types of potato salad that are all well known to our regulars.  As well the regulars are pretty affluent enough that they are always having social parties and always coming to us to pick up a platter or side dishes to show up with.  I mean remember when you brought a side dish you wanted a little praise for making in.  Not these locals.  You show up with a container of food, a platter with our logo on it and they are golden!   It became so crazy that we actually sold out of 4 of the 5 potato salads we carry, that a man became a bit verbally abusive when he realized we only had about 2 quarts left of a particular kind and HE WAS GOING TO GET IT HELL OR HIGHWATER yelling "I want it.. I don't care what number I am in line... IT'S MINE!  Over     ....potato salad....
What does all this have to do with a Thanksgiving inspired hoagie.  NOT A DARN THING!  EXCEPT... we had fresh roasted turkey breast in our carvery and decided after serving up all these hot and cold foods, no way in heck going home to cook!  And sure as heck did not want anything associated with a grill, and for sure not POTATO SALAD!!

  • French Rolls
  • Mayo
  • Roasted carved turkey breast
  • Emmentaler Swiss Cheese... .(your choice)
  • Roasted butternut squash with pumpkin spice seasoning-roast raw butternut squash at 400 for 25 minutes sprinkled with pumpkin spice season, or brown sugar or none at all.  Your choice.
  • Cranberry Sauce
Put it all together and Happy 4th of July!  


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