Bombay Sandwich

Sometimes I head out to a Chaat corner or Indian jaunt and order some version of some good ole' fried, grilled, over buttered type of snack or street food.  But just not the same as actually wandering some of the stalls in India itself.  Hence I've yet to find a jaunt about the Bay Area that re creates the famous 'Bombay Sandwich'.  It's not a healthy dish.  I'm sure if you have a desk job you could not promise a vendor a daily visit due to the calories.  We don't have the lifestyle in the Silicon Valley to work it off as those back in India who are on the bustle every day.  But I sure tried to re-create this yummy all veg sandwich at home.

Ingredients are:
  • White Bread.  If you have a Chinese Bakery or supermarket nearby, they carry a rather large thick sliced loaf like the kind utilized at Anand stalls in India.
  • Butter.
  • Potato.  Depending on how many sandwiches you will be making, estimate to your liking. 
  • Chutney.  Mint, coriander or cilantro.  I utilized the coriander by brand Lakshmi found at Indian Grocery.
  • Chaat Masala.  Find at your local Indian grocery store.
  • Ripe tomatoes.
  • Paneer cheese.  You can find at Indian grocery in the refrigerated section.  Normally near the Milk and yogurt.
  • Purple onion. 
  • Green bell pepper or red or yellow:) 

It helps if you have a Panini grill but if not maybe a stovetop grill pan or a pan.  With a regular pan or grill pan make sure you have a heavy pan to put on top while grilling or press down sandwich with spatula while grilling.

Pull out your ingredients and prep.

  • Boil your potatoes whole until tender.  For large potatoes cut in half and pierce to have even cooking on the inside as the outside at the same time.  When done boiling put aside to cool. 
  • Slice onion. 
  • Make sure butter is at room temperature. 
  • Slice tomato, thin or thick.  It's your preference. 
  • Grate the paneer cheese.
  • I did not utilize the green bell peppers as I don't really like them.  Hence if you do, time to get slicing them up into strips.
  • Make your sandwiches and make sure they are buttered lightly on the outside for grilling. 
  • If utilizing Panini grill heat to just beginning high heat.  Medium high for the stove top and start to grill your sandwiches.  I did not grill the whole seven minutes as regular American white bread will get there quicker.  Just keep an eye to not burn your sandwich.  You will know when to pull them off the grill. 

I basically followed my Anand brethren from a video (below) in putting mine together and grilling on my Panini machine.  Regular white bread was not as 'stand up' as the thicker larger sliced ones you will see in the video.  Why recommended the white bread from Chinese bakery or Grocer.  It's totally up to you though on how you want to stack your 'Bombay Sandwich' masterpiece and what kind of bread you choose to use.  Please see the video below for a first hand look on how a real 'Bombay Sandwich' is born. 

My take on the 'Bombay Sandwich'.  In India, they will give you more chutney and Indian brand ketchup.  I chose some hot mango pickle to accompany mine.  It's all up to you.  Enjoy!!


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