San Jose Gurdwara Hosts 5k Fundraiser for the Homeless San Jose Community

If you look up into the Evergreen hills and see one of the most spectacular sets of architecture to hit San Jose, you would be looking at the 'Sikh Gurdwara Sahib' of San Jose.  If not familiar, a Gurdwara is a temple of worship for those of the Sikhism Faith. 

Their beliefs have been built upon the learning of ten Guru's.  One of the ten being highly revered is 'Guru Dev Nanak' .  Through 'Guru Dev Nanak's three greatest teachings of  "Vand Chakko" - Sharing with others, helping those with less who are in need.  "Kirat Karo" - Earning/making a living honestly; and "Naam Japna" - Meditating on God's name to control your evils to eliminate suffering and live a happy life; the Gurdwara lays it's foundation. 

The 'San Jose Gurdwara' has grown immensely since it first purchased land in 1990.  By leaps and bounds the growth of phases has made it maybe the largest in North America.  They never turn non Sikhs away from their doors and anyone is welcome to a meal in their community kitchen called 'Langar'.  However they are making strides getting out to the local less fortunate community by the goodness of the foundation of their faith.  I would say it is somewhat a unique contribution to the community as they are physically going out INTO THE COMMUNITY to help the less fortunate.  Yes packing up pot's pans, food, utensils and bringing it to homeless shelters on a regular basis.   Loading up trucks with supplies and taking them to where they need to be distributed.

The 5k walk is becoming a yearly event and they set their goals a bit higher each year.  You may sponsor the event or just sign up with a minimum set donation, more is never turned down either:)  This is to purchase new blankets to be distributed for the winter. 

Overall the 'San Jose Gurdwara' is becoming a presence to be respected and honored as it should be for jumping in and helping out the community. 



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