Winter Purple Sweet Potato Salad

We have not even hit the New Year yet and I am DONE with the holidays!  And it is probably due to my age that I get over it so quickly.  I work at one of the healthiest places on the peninsula.  Probably the only 7 day a week farmer's market this side of the bay.  I walk in daily and I am in Mother Nature's pharmacy.  However when the team wants to have some holiday eats, it is much different.  There is one guy who brings in those Mexican dulce breads every Sunday.  You never know when they will show up with a spread of a roast meat, beans, rice, cheese and some damn killer corn tortillas.  For Christmas we had a 'Posada' orchestrated by someone in the produce department.  This would be more traditional if not at work with a procession, etc.  But none the less here we are with pots of pozole, tamales, bunuelos; a fried tortilla sprinkled with sugar and a doused with a heavy syrup.  A super sweet 'Ponche', a hot punch made of many ingredients.  Candy candy and more candy that flew out of a Pinata... with Trumps face on it but the guy who brought it in also brought a chocolate cake that read, "Make America Great Again!" (knucklehead)      The company itself brought in a spread another day of honey baked ham, salad and pasta sides but also about 10 different desserts.  My husband's company had an elaborate but 'rich' dinner.  Rich as in creamy butter laden sauces, big meats and lots of sweets.   I'M OVER THE HOLIDAY EATING!  Not that I ate all these items as I just can't.  In fact I vowed to be more in control as I cannot afford to gain weight or my back goes out.  I cannot afford to tick off my doctor since I control my glucose levels so well.  But I think we know as we get older what is ok to eat if we really want it, what we can probably eat but just once in a while or what we know is going to throw our bodies off.  

I am blessed to work around the freshest in season produce available and I vow to utilize this perk of my job to my health and well being from here on out.  Not to mention I have somewhat of a hefty commute sometimes 1.5 hours, I tend to cook light in the eve while prepping my lunch and quick brekkie bite for the morning.  

For dinner I just roasted some tomatoes, to put over some pasta.  Added basil, Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and Garlic Salt to munch on as I prepped my next day's lunch.  I tend to not eat much as when you have lunch around 3pm, I am not that hungry when get home.  

I had been eyeing the purple sweet potatoes and Japanese purple potatoes we carry.  It is well stated that this variety is low on the hypoglycemic charts and heart healthy.  I decided to make a hearty salad for the next day.  

  • I bunch lacinato kale.
  • Half pound or more if you like of Brussel sprouts. 
  • One large purple sweet potato. 
  • Red onion. 
  • Olive oil.
  • Vinegar.
  • Shallot or garlic powder/salt.
  • Herbs.  
  1. Clean your potato and peel.  Slice into 1.2 inch half rounds.
  2. Clean brussel sprouts and I usually slice off the stem and cut in half.  
  3. Toss the two above ingredients with salt and olive oil and bake at 350degrees for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Clean and pull leaves from stems for the lacinato kale.  
  5. Slice 1/4 large purple onion into quarter strips.  Place in vinegar with herbs and salt for a quick half pickle.  This will help tame your kale into a more desired texture when eating the next day. 
  6. The vinaigrette is 4 parts olive oil to one part vinegar.  One teaspoon dijon, or any sharp mustard you like. Salt/pepper and or garlic salt.   I utilized a olive oil with a pre herbed German vinegar and Bavarian mustard.  But use whatever you have.  Recipes are just a guide but make it your own to your taste.  
Add some pre pickled onion to your kale and toss.  If you want more add more, less or don't add at all.  When your brussels and purple potatoes cool, add into your kale salad.  If you are eating immediately definitely add pickled purple onion and some dressing first to the kale then add the brussels and purple potato after to toss.  Season to taste per your liking.  



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