Blood Orange Brownies

This is just one of those crazy, duh recipes.  I'm not sure who first came up with the idea as was told about it from a employer of a Oil's Shop.  But then I know a baker who shops there and I would think maybe she passed on the idea.  Regardless folks, this is one of those recipes you run with your imagination but it is quick and easy.  It is basically subbing a infused olive oil INSTEAD of vegetable oil in your cake mixes, brownie mixes, etc.  Of course for me I buy the boxed stuff as why recreate the wheel when it has been done for me.  Or add to your from scratch recipes.  

These are blood orange brownies.  The topping is just powdered sugar and some dried oranges found at Trader Joes dusted with powdered sugar as a garnish to each brownie.  Infused olive oils can be found world wide now.  Just yelp olive oils and find a shop near you.  The 'Blood Orange Fusion' olive oil was used in place of olive oil in this boxed brownie mix.

You could utilize 'Persian Lime Olive Oil' in lime cakes.  Meyer Lemon olive oil in lemon cakes.  Maybe a Basil Olive Oil in your strawberry cake mix.  Options are endless as when you find a store carrying these infused oils, you will be hooked.  And they enhance the flavor to so many dishes.  

Remember, life is too short to eat badly!


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