Kale Salad, Tangy and Super Easy!! New Season's Replica

So there is this Supermarket on the hill in Evergreen near the Country Club that used to be New Leaf but now New Seasons.. phew.   Anyway they make an amazing but simple Kale salad sold in their deli that came to love.  I mean you have to get the SUPER GREENS in you often for your health right?

This salad is for someone who like's a bit of tang, a lover of onion and just let's do this to get the healthy kale down!! And New Leaf aka New Season's, you give the ingredients on the label which is a great thing but I tossed the label.  Haha.. here is my guess.  And think I am right on point!!  It is a delicious kale salad.



Kale (the wrapped equiv one bunch from the market)
Red Onion (1)
Red Wine or any Vinegar 1 cup.
Pepitas, (Pumpkin seeds raw or roasted, your choice) 1 cup.
Olive oil - 1/5 cup
Liquid Amino's 1 Cup


Pull and part kale from stem and wash in your salad spinner or rinse and drain.
Slice red onion into simple thin slices across but cut in half.
Pickle your sliced red onion for about a half hour in the red wine vinegar or any vinegar you want to get it perked up.  

Just toss the kale, pepitas (pumpkin seeds) with the Olive Oil, Liquid aminos and drained red onions.  If you like tart but ordered to eat more kale, this is your solace salad.  Add whatever else you want but it's a simple go to, to get that kale in your diet.  

It also keeps well for up to 4 days in the refrigerator.  



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