Strawberry Salsa

Spring is here and the berries are in bloom.  The grills are being lit up and it's time to roll into summer!



  • Strawberries diced.
  • Purple Onion diced.
  • Cilantro chopped.
  • Serrano chili pepper or any chili pepper or none if you don't like a heat factor! Diced.
  • Lime juice.  About 3 limes per 2 lbs of salsa.
Portions.. well how much of this do you want to make?  This is a real common sense recipe so proportion the chili's, cilantro, purple onion and lime juice just to incorporate.  Toss and let set for the flavors to mix with each other for at least 30 minutes up to a few hours before serving.

This is awesome on grilled meats, fish, lettuce wraps with grilled meats or fish.  Other berry or fruit salsa combos that are also great are mango with serrano and green onion, blueberries with habanero and green onion, papaya with scotch bonnets and purple onion.  This is ok the next day also must may not look as perky as the day you make it.  

Remember Life Is Too Short To Eat Badly!!


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