Black Radish, the Warrior Radish of Health

I discovered black radishes this year at Sigona's in Redwood City.  They are kind of like the red radishes' outlaw biker uncle.  They are dark, tough, been around a long time and very kick a-- on the health front. 

Black radishes are an excellent source of vitamin C and also provide potassium, iron and magnesium as well as vitamins A, E and B. They are also known for their ability to fight off infection and promote healthy digestive function. The Black radish also contains raphanin which studies have shown to be beneficial in treatment of both under and overactive thyroid imbalances. Studies have shown that the leaves of the Black radish additionally have a liver detoxifying effect. - See more at:

I have heard you can cook with them, grill them but I just like them as a radish.  I peel them of their smooth black skin.  Slice them fairly thin and throw a bit of Tajin or salt on them to get some juices coming out of them.  They tender up a bit this way also.  I just eat them as is or with a salad.  I have no proof but think these babies were a large contributor to my very low glucose blood test recently:)  If you cannot find them locally or just want the health benefits of them.  Or even purchase seeds.  I have seen a myriad of options on Amazon

Remember life is too short to eat badly


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