Namprik Maesri, Thailands favorite household brand for Curry Paste.

"Maesri" pastes were a gem of a find in Asian Grocery Stores here in the Bay Area.  And they have a lot more to offer than just curry pastes for your Thai dishes.  It just depends from store to store what they carry. 

I have become accustomed to having quite a few of the pastes in the pantry and coconut milk in case need to make a quick dinner. 

It really is super easy dealing with these pastes for a delicious dinner meat or vegetarian.  I usually pick up some chicken or just veggies and or tofu.  Cube and cook down the meat or sear the tofu.  You don't have to though with a firm tofu.  Just cube and add to your veggies.  Putting the veggies in the micro for a short period with a bit of water on the bottom of the container, a plastic saran cover for 5 or so minutes will get them pre steamed but still crunchy. 

Get your cooking vessel out and just open whatever can of "Maesri" paste you plan to use.  I particularly like the 'Kaeng Kua Curry Paste' for some reason.  It's just a personal preference for this quick dish.  Add your can of coconut milk to your pot and the paste.  Then add your veggies, tofu and or meat and cook down for about 20 minutes on medium.

And serve with rice or whatever you would like:)
It is a quick very easy and Maesri has done the work for you on the balance of spices.  Remember, Life is Too Short To Eat Badly!!



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