Haitian Wings, Pikliz and Epis

Another Fave Vlogger I'm loving right now is Nadege Fleurimond.  She is bubbly, personable, funny and as you can see in this video, she has a fun show.  I'm not sure but was this guy hitting on her?  hahaha

So my attempt was to make the wings but also ended up making a new batch of Epis and some tangy, spicy Pikliz.

This go round I did not make enough Epis to last a year, and small batching definitely works better for me.  I did a couple things differently.  I am not a fan of the Habanero as not worked with it much to balance it out.  Hence I've never had a Scotch Bonnet and if there are seeds out there, someone let me know where to order.  I find spring onions, Italian Parsley and a Jalapeno just made this batch of Epis perfect to balance it all out.  For me at least. 

I picked up a bunch of beautiful bell peppers in Sigona's 'reduced area'.  It's an area at both locations, Redwood City and Palo Alto where produce that is perfectly ripe or maybe just starting to not look so pretty but still perfectly delicious and fresh is marked down in price.  I love this area so I can afford to buy some other my pricier choices.  However I had much more than I needed for the Epis so decided to make some Pikliz and stuffed peppers too!

Quick Batch of Epis
  • One bunch of spring onions.
  • 6-7 celery stalks cleaned and cut into 2 inch pieces or so.
  • One or two large bell peppers.  Up to you.
  • One Jalapeno..
  • One Habanero or Scotch Bonnet if you have access to one.  If you do, I would probably leave out the Jalapeno.
  • One bunch Italian Parsley.
  • Couple of sprigs of Thyme.  More or less does not hurt. 
Blend, store in jars but reserve a couple tablespoons for your Haitian Wings!

Pikliz I love.  It's tangy, crunch, spicy and good with so many dishes.  It is super simple to make.
  • Cabbage.  I Just picked up one of those bags of pre cut, washed slaw mix from the store.
  • Thinly Sliced bell peppers.  Just enough to compliment how ever much you want to make.
  • Sliced onion, as much or little or none as you like.
  • Lime juice.
  • White Vinegar.
  • Sliced thin Habanero slices or use whatever chili you want I'm sure.  It's always up to you and you know what you like. 
Toss your cabbage with the bell peppers and chili's.  I would say if you are just doing a basic bag of store bought slaw, you are tossing in about 1/3 cup Lime Juice and 1/3 Vinegar.  Add more or less as this will pickle down in the refrigerator.  Some people put slices of limes on the sides of the jars.  I like to throw it in as just accents the Pikliz.  You can eat it, toss it, it's your preference.  I love this as a side for fried meats, on a burger, just with a sandwich or on Mexican sopes.  Yes I know it's Haitian but it's really good on Mexican Sopes! haha
Haitian Wings
I would say follow this entertaining fun video by Nadege on the wings.  I would probably just do the spices, the epis boil and fry next time but I will be marinating them overnight also.  The Pikliz works wonders on meat or veg dishes.  As well the epis.



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