Lemon Olive Oil Cake

Lemon Olive Oil Cake with Strawberries

So chances are if you Google or go onto Yelp, and enter the words Olive Oil, a list of places that are carrying the myriad of various Olive Oils and Balsamic's are near you.  The selections are Olive Oils from Different Countries. Infused Olive Oils, and Balsamics from Traditional to Fig, Lemon, Mango, etc etc of many flavors.  If you like to cook and utilize these items, the options are endless.

One of my little tricks is utilizing the infused oils in boxed cake mixes, brownies, etc.  Blood orange goes well with brownies.  Persian Lime with Lime Cakes, etc etc.  So we have a reduced area at our store in which we reduce the prices on produce that needs to be eaten now. Nothing wrong with it, it's just ready to roll.

I got excited and purchased two flat's of strawberry's and then I get home and I am tired.  So one of the flats I cleaned and threw in bags in the freezer for smoothies.  I whipped up a box of lemon cake replacing the vegetable oil with the Meyer Lemon Olive Oil which really intensifies the flavor. Makes the cake much moister also.  So it's up to you to use your imagination!!  Rest were off to my Husband's office for his staff the following morning. haha

  • Box of Lemon Cake Mix
  • Add Meyer Lemon Olive Oil in place of Vegetable Oil.
  • Bake half of the mixture in two separate loaf pans.
  • Slice on a platter, add berries chopped mixed with a tad sprinkle of sugar to get it jammy.  
  • I liked the appearance of full berries that folks could snack on also.  This platter I brought for the break room at work:)  
Remember, Life is Too Short To Eat Badly!


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