Lunch In Miami - Cubano Sandwich and Frijoles Negro de Cubano (Cuban Sandwich and Black Beans Cheater Recipe:)

My husband is from Florida and we often go to visit my Mother In Law and his siblings.  Other than the love we share for my Husband, we don't share much else.  Religion, liberalism and definitely not food.  I'm always subject to a 'family dinner' at Olive Garden every trek.  Thank Goodness their wine selection is getting better.

But when it's my time, I am shopping for pantry items I cannot find in California. I am hitting all the supermarkets, Cuban and Haitian Restaurants.  A bar/club or even comedy show by local hip Cuban or Haitian comedians.  And we ALWAYS make a trek to Miami whether be South Beach, Lil Havana or my fave Haitian Supermarkets there.  

When I get home, about every two weeks I have to make a Cuban or Haitian dish.  This one I cheated on a bit as made on a work night.  I normally make it all homemade the way it should be but when the craving kicks in and I don't have 5 hours to slow cook a pork roast or soak black beans... this is how I satisfy my Cuban Lunch Craving:)

Mock Cubano Sandwich
  • Sliced Ham, 1 pound.  I wanted a kick and got the Peppernero Ham from Sprouts Deli, and the norm sweet slice ham.
  • Swiss Cheese.  Whatever you can find.  I utilized 5 slices of baby swiss from Sprouts Deli as they are rather large.
  • Mustard, just ole regular mustard but feel free to use whatever you want.
  • Sliced dill pickles.  Thick or thin is up to you.  How many you would like on your sandwich is also up to you.
  • Loaf of bread.  The best bread for a likeness to Cuban bread in California is the loaf is from the 'Sprouts' Bakery.  Usually around $1.99.  It is the absolute perfect texture for a press.
  • Panini press, or however you can grill and press a sandwich.
  • Melted butter or Butter Spray.
  • Feeds two with leftover for lunch the next day.

Quickie Frijoles Negro Cubano

  • One can of black beans.  One can per two people, so I only needed one.  Goya brand is great and found in most stores on the West Coast now but any can of black beans would work.
  • Olive oil, two tablespoons.
  • Halve a onion chopped.
  • Two cloves garlic chopped or garlic powder if just too tired.
  • Half a green bell pepper chopped.
  • Red wine vinegar, a tablespoon.  
  • Chopped chili if you like spice.  I put in half a sliced Serrano but totally up to you.
  • Salt to taste is wish but the flavors are to your like.
  • Up the ingredients per how many 14oz cans of black beans you utilize.  

Saute your onions, garlic and bell pepper in olive oil until tender.  Add your can of black beans and put on low for the flavors to mesh while putting your Cubano Sandwich together.  Finish off the beans with the red wine vinegar.  Add more if you wish.  It really does something to the flavor of the beans.  

Cubano Sandwich
Like said I would normally do the roast pork but it was a hit craving and did not have the time.  Sometimes you can find roast pork at your grocery store but it's just not the same.

  • Slice your loaf of bread down the middle.  
  • Slather on mustard on one side or both if you really like mustard.
  • Layer your ham and top with the swiss cheese slices and dill pickles.  
  • Slice into four parts and slather melted butter or spray the panini press with a butter spray and grill press until hot and cheese is clearly melty.
I added some of those shoestring potato sticks on top of my beans just cause they so remind me of Cuban burgers, so why not as a salty crunch factor.  Sometimes I like to add some thinly sliced purple onion on the sandwiches.    Either way its just a get there quick option for that Cuban Lunch craving:)


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