Quinoa'meal for Brekkie':)

I'm the only one to try to health up my body in my home. So cooking a cup of Quinoa affords me to utilize it for a few dishes over 24 hours as it more than generously cooks into half a pot of protein packed goodness.
This morning made myself a hot steaming bowls of Quinoa'meal for breakfast:)

-1/4 cup brown sugar spiced regular oatmeal, or plain.  Whatever you like.
-3/4 cup water and half a cup of milk. Lower temperature once liquid comes to boil.
-add your dry ingredients.
-add about cup of pre-cooked quinoa.
-I added half a cup of sliced toasted almonds.
Serve into your favorite hot cereal bowl. Add more milk if desire. I had some fresh mangos and chopped one of them over my cereal. Added some fresh grated cinnamon. Voila... Brekkie. HAPPY EATING!


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