Masala (Indian Shtyle) Tacos

Masala Tacos
This meal happened purely because the buns I had bought for my grilled masala turkey burgers were bad.  I was hungry, I was set on those darn masala turkey burgers, I had all the ingredients and the buns were in the trash.  Improvise girl!  I did not even have sliced bread of any sort but it's just not the same anyway.  But I had taco shells.  My planned masala turkey burger patties were fried up in to a crumble.  Heated the taco shells up.  And voila... not bad.  Actually pretty good!
The base of the recipe is some curry paste and the only I ever buy is Patak's.  I like hot.  You might like mild.  Put a tablespoon in with your pound of ground turkey and cook.  You might want to use less, you might put two tablespoons like I did because I love the flavors.
The salad is made up of chopped cucumber, onions, Serrano chilies, tomato, lime juice and a bit of black salt.  I'm still deciding if I would make Spanish rice the next time or jeera pulao:) 


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