Grilled Bananas w/Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

GRILLED BANANAS w/ Cherry Garcia Ice Cream
This was one of those simple recipes had on the back burner for some time.  Grilled bananas.  Original recipe called that you peel the banana, sweep some coconut oil across them, dip in sugar and grill for about six minutes.  Three on each side.  If you have a major sweet tooth, follow that recipe.  Hence I did not have coconut oil on hand and I am more of the 'not too sweet' class of folks.  I coated my bananas in a dab of peanut oil.  Barely sprinkled some raw sugar and threw on a grill pan.  About three minutes each side will do.  And voila.. serve with whatever your hearts desire.  We just happened to have a pint of Cherry Garcia in the freezer.  You can probably coat the bananas lightly if at all with any type of oil. I can see in the future maybe with a fresh sweet yogurt and berries.  It's all up to your imagination and likes:)


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