African Fruit Salad

African Fruit Salad
This is a summer fave all day any day!
  • Cut up fruit of choice.  I prefer melons, mango's, berries, whatever is in season and some sliced banana just before serving.
  • Toasted coconut.
  • Fresh lime juice.  Juice of two or whatever will coat how much fruit you wish to prepare. 
  • Per every half cup of lime juice, mix with a tablespoon of honey.
  • Fresh chopped mint. 
  • If you like a kick or from a culture where a bit of spice is regular to our fruit, chili powder.
Chop fruit and toss with the lime juice you mixed with honey and chopped mint.  Toss..  Add some chili power if you wish.  Top with toasted coconut and serve.  Awesome refreshing salad for the summer and your guests will love it at barbecues!


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