Movie Theatre Popcorn Substitute for Corn Allergies

I often walked past this item called Phool Makhani in Indian grocery stores.  Never looked until recently a woman brought in some pre spiced 'Phool Makhani' for placement where I work. 

I decided to buy a bag and learn more about this Phool Makhani. 

Basically these little puffs are air popped Lotus Seeds.  The Lotus is commonly used in dishes in India, China and other Asian countries.  The health benefits per net study are the following.

  • Lotus seeds contain L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase, an enzyme with anti-ageing properties. It is known to help in repairing damaged proteins.
  • The seeds contain kaempferol, a flavonoid known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to help in repairing aging gum tissue.
  • The astringent properties of lotus seeds make them beneficial for the kidneys. They help to regulate the energy levels of the body.
  • Some studies indicate that lotus seeds may be used to treat various sexual conditions.
  • Lotus seeds are used in Chinese medicine to relieve the problem of diarrhea. They are also used to improve the health of the spleen.
  • Traditionally, lotus seeds were used to treat people with sleeping disorders such as insomnia. They are also known to be effective in alleviating restlessness. This is due to the natural sedative and calming effects of the seeds.
  • The center of the lotus seed is known to be beneficial for the heart due to its cooling properties. The bitterness of the seeds comes from isoquinoline alkaloids which are believed to induce a calming effect and are also anti-spasmodic in nature. They cause dilation of the blood vessels and thus help in controlling blood pressure levels.
  • Some medicinal researchers believe that lotus seeds help to strengthen the digestive process and relieve diarrhea.
  • The seeds are sometimes combined with other herbs in order to treat urinary ailments such as prostatitis and reproductive diseases. However it is advisable to consult a doctor before using any natural remedies such as lotus seeds.

  • I have seen Lotus bean cakes during Chinese fests.  I have heard of them in curries and fried tiffin snacks in India.  They also are highly regarded in the Hindu and Buddhist Cultures of various symbolism.  And part of some ayurvedic pastes in India. 

    Aside it has a texture that when heated they crisp up so to speak.  So for you folks with corn allergies not able to enjoy popcorn, here is an option.

    If you have an Indian Grocery nearby, go in and buy a bag. 

    • " I Can Not Believe It's Not Butter' spray or regular butter.  The spray just helps evenly coat the pops. 
    • Salt if you really want to try to recreate that Movie Popcorn Butter Salty flavor. 
    • A bag of 'Phool Makhani' aka popped Lotus Seeds. 
    Foil line a flat sheet pan and spray with the butter spray.  Lay out your Phool Makhani and totally up to you how much of the bag you want to toast, evenly across the sheet pan.  Make sure enough room that when you shake the baking sheet, they can move around. 

    Heat your oven to 375.  Spray your Lotus Seeds again with the butter after you have put on a sprayed with butter or butter substitute and salt.  Place in the oven and shake pan to move the lotus seeds around as they crisp up maybe every minute.  They are not going to be in the oven long or they will become very hard.  I tend to re spray with more butter and a bit more salt about half way through toasting.  Minimum time would be 5 minutes but you can toast longer if wish. 


    Remove from oven and enjoy that movie:) 


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