Green Meadows aka CalPerf. Marinated Halal Meats with Indian-Pakistani spices:)

First I find Swagat's pickles to where I don't have to drive to the East Bay to get them.  Another item saw at Trinethra located off of Pearl and Branham in San Jose is 'Green Meadows' marinated meats by CalPerf located in Santa Clara.  I passed on it the first time but this time the selections looked very fresh.  Had to try them out.  I asked the clerk if he thought they were good.  His response was, "Yes very good because Halal."  Ok I know what Halal is but I'm not Muslim or Jewish, I just wanted to know if they will make my tummy happy!  I know there are Halal butchers around the Bay Area but we don't really have just a Indian place that sells pre marinated meats like I so enjoyed when was in Brampton. 

I bought the pre marinated chicken 65.  Pretty cost effective at $6.99.  I'll pay more at a restaurant that may or may not have a great recipe.  Instructions are on the package but don't recommend submerging in oil to fry.  Get's too oily.  Eh just enough oil to saut√© up and cook completely is needed.. 

Only needed to add a few pantry ingredients.  Pop some mustard seed, one or 65 green chili's (just kidding:) garlic/ginger paste and of course curry leaves.  You can't do this dish without them and thank goodness I can normally find them at Trinethra as failed miserably trying to grow them on my patio. 
Sautee the mustard seed, pastes, curry leaves and however many chili's you desire to get them awake.  Add the marinated chicken and cook until done.    You can add cream, balsamic, etc per the instructions to make it creamier when the chicken is fully cooked,but I was good with this fast delicious time saver.    Plus I really love curry leaves and added more at the end. 
Fried up some bhindi (okra) and made brown rice as just was so tired to do a pulao.  I prefer brown rice these days anyway.  Yum yum.  A bit salty in the marinade but overall a winner!  I was super prepared to have leftovers for lunch and make everyone jealous it smelled so good.
Remember, life is too short to eat badly!



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