Swagat Pickle's Hit the Store Shelves!!!

I stopped in at Trinethra's to pick up some items and was very surprised at a couple new items have not seen elsewhere. (a) Meats and (b)Swagat's Pickles.  The meat thing is another story have yet to investigate but Swagat's pickles... woo hoo!

I had heard of Swagat's and their pickles which also include a goat and chicken pickle.   They are located out of Milpita's and everything is made local.  Will admit have been stuck on Deep's Hot Mango Pickle for some time but was open to something that did not have a 28 hour flight to get here.   Decided to buy a jar of the Swagat's cauliflower pickle.  I had the next day with what I call a quickie Crisi biryani made for lunch.   Oh my goodness.  What a difference as learning in all areas of my food choices, A LOCAL CHOICE MAKES!   Base ingredients.  Delicious and NO PRESERVATIVES!  The cost was around $6.99 which guessing if you go to buy directly at Swagat might be less expensive if you chose so.  But Trinethra has to pay lease rent in this crazy Bay Area and have no qualms paying $7 bucks.  I'm a bit leary but curious enough to try on the meat pickles. 

Folks if you have never had Indian pickle before, it is not what you are used to with cucumbers or various veggies in a vinegar based brine.  It is spicy, oily, full of flavor goodness that I think if you like heat and tang of a whole different direction, you would do well with.  A bit on the history of Indian Pickles here.    Happy eating!! Life is too short to eat badly!!



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