Mamey Sapote Shake, The Heart Healthy Fruit!

This fruit is Native to South America.  Found many stories on the net about it  but guess where I bought the fruit in California is getting it from Southern Florida.  Voila, the very interesting Mamey Sapote.  The skin is darkish brown and feels like a lizard but oh the surprise inside. 

If it is unripe, it will be hard.  When it begins to soften is when it is ripe.  Cut in have and remove the seed which is mostly likely starting to sprout itself inside. 

So yes folks it is kind of pumpkin tasting with a hint of honey but I'm no baker.  So went the shake route with this one. 

Let me say folks this is not a inexpensive fruit on the West Coast so if you do buy it, do something healthy with it as is 'heart healthy fruit'. 
I placed a good portion for my shake in with some nut milk and a few seeded dates to sweeten it a bit.  Blend and Pour.  I am not sure I would buy this fruit again unless I was in Florida where it is probably not 11.99 per pound, but it was a delicious shake.  Mike ad some nutmeg or cinnamon next time:)  Remember life is too short to eat badly!!


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