This was one of those wonder dishes discovered this past year.  It is a huge tradition in the German community to have this at Christmastime however it's a keeper at my house once a month or so. 

Rouladen is basically a thin sliced long piece of beef rump that you roll braise amongst other things and ohhh so delicious!

 If you can find a butcher that actually sells pre sliced rump for this dish, you are good.  If not explain that you need a fairly reasonably thin slice off the beef rump in order to be rolled.  I usually find that one Rouladen per person is enough in my house hence maybe two for your big eaters.  It's a very common sense dish.
  • One rouladen per person.  So lets say I am cooking for four for this recipe = 4
  • 4 bacon slices.  (one per person or two persons.  It is for flavor.)
  • One large onion sliced.
  • One container pre sliced mushrooms.
  • Half a small bag of baby peeled carrots or two cups chopped into cubes.
  • Butter or oil.  Whatever you have on hand. 
  • Corn starch is often utilized but I use a packet onion soup mix.
  • Enough German or French mustard to spread on both sides of the rouladen.
  • Often people roll them with pickles and bacon inside.  I liked putting one Nuremberg sausage in each so four Nuremberg sausages. 
  1. Spread your mustard of choice evenly on both sides of the rouladen. 
  2. Roll the rouladen with whatever you choose to put inside of them.  I chose Nuremberg sausage so one sausage per rouladen.  Place toothpick to keep them from unraveling.
  3. Heat up your butter or oil and braise on both sides then remove and put aside.
  4. Add more butter (preferred) and add your bacon, onions and veggies and sautee until the bacon gets about there.  Onions translucent.  The rest will cook on it's own. 
  5. Add your packet of onion soup with a cup of water.  Place the rouladen back in the pan, preferably a high heat container vessel like a dutch oven.
  6. Place in oven around 300 for an hour, maybe an hour and a half to cook down and tender. 
I served with German purple cabbage, pickles and boiled potatoes.  German purple cabbage and saurkraut is a huge different than this American stuff as it is wine cured.  It just is better hands down!  There are a million recipes for Rouladen on the net but this one works for our family:)  Enjoy as life is too short to eat badly!


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