Boudin Noir - Why not!

I had some opportunity to try out some blood sausages recently.  I was not sure what was in for but am a adventurous soul.  It was good but I think I'm more of a Yugoslavian or British blood sausage type gal if made it the norm.

Boudin Noir
  1. One French blood sausage.
  2. Two green apples.
  3. Two medium potatoes.
  4. One slice bacon. 
  5. Butter.
After some research, this one is normally eaten with fried potatoes and apples.  I definitely understand why now.  I also cubed some bacon to add to the mix and seasoned with basic salt.   
Fry up your potatoes till 75% tender.  Add chopped bacon and sliced apples and continue cooking until tender. 
Pan sear your blood sausage to wake it up.  Remember it is already cooked for consumption, you are just warming it up.  This particular sausage spread like lava because I took the casing off.  I probably should not have but what do I know. 
I placed is a uniform glass and layers the potatoes and apples first before pushing the blood sausage over it.  I let it cool for five minutes or so and placed on a plate.  It was good but think going for something with a bit more texture/hold together the next time want to go for a blood sausage:)  Happy Eating!


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